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Osaka Minami's gay massage store

Healing shop 癒し屋( iyasiya) Awesome!!

Nearest to 「日本橋駅」Nipponbashi station (Osaka Metro and Kintetsu) Exit 5 or 10

It is near 黒門市場 the Kuromon Market. It is also near from Namba

Please be healed when you stay in Osaka


・Short Body Course : 1 hour 5000 yen

・Body Massage Course : 1 hour 30 minutes 6000 yen

・Foot & Body Massage Course : 2 hours  7500 yen

                                     ・Optional naked service…1000 yen  

It will be the required time including clothes change, shower etc.
 Payment must be made in advance

Body treatment is oil massage

Nice to meet you My name is Tooru(とおる).

"Tooru" is the store that I am doing by myself.

Please understand that I am not good at English.

It is a complete reservation system.

It is necessary to contact one hour before your request.

The reservation is accepted by 

e-mail : awesome0777@docomo.ne.jp

telephone :  08036370777

 LINE : ID  awesome0777

Telephone support is only available in Japanese. note that. 


Please let me know your desired date, time and course.

When reservation is confirmed, i will pick you up at Nipponbashi station or 黒門市場  the Kuromon Market.

☝️ Nipponbashi Station is located at Exit 5 or 10 above ground level.
☝️Go to Kuromon Market by looking for the octopus monument located right next to the information center inside the arcade.

I will pick you up.


I am waiting for your reservation 

Thank you